Being the alchemist he is, Mad Mike went to the lab with a bushel of fresh peaches, and emerged with this insane, great flavor! A perfect Peach and Sweet combination!
Size: 16oz tamper-evident container.

"You won't look at Peaches the same again."

No Heat

So are you scared...? Then this flavor is for you! There is absolutely NO HEAT in this one. Instead of using the Carolina Reaper pepper, Mad Mike uses a SWEET Pepper in this flavor. Even your grandma can eat this one!
Size: 16oz tamper-evident container.

"Pacifer Not Included."


As crazy as it sounds, Mad Mike was able to just add enough of the Carolina Reaper Pepper for you Mild mannered folks!
Size: 16oz tamper-evident container.

"When Medium is too hot, this one is for you!"


How do you take one of the World's Hottest Peppers and make it MEDIUM? Well after many attempts, Mad Mike finally figured out the perfect blend for his MEDIUM.
Size: 16oz tamper-evident container.

"This is NOT your Grandma's Medium Salsa."


This flavor is super popular with every pepper lover! It will satisfy any hot pepper craving you might have, and it is just HOT enough to keep you eating it.
Size: 16oz tamper-evident container.

"Hotter than any other HOT Salsa on the Planet!"

Death Certificate

There are (2) whole Carolina Reaper peppers per container of Death Certificate! This flavor is for all you serious pepperheads.
Size: 16oz tamper-evident container.

"Any hotter and it would melt the container! Keep away from children."

Mad Mike's Barbecue Sauce

Also Available from Mad Mike!
· Made with the Carolina Reaper Pepper
· Smoky Old Western Style Barbecue Sauce
· 2020 ZestFest 1st Place Winner!
· "Raising the BAR in Bar-B-Que!"
· TDA and FDA Registered - HACCP Certified

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Mad Mike's Reaper Dust

Also Available from Mad Mike!
· All Natural Ingredients - No Preservatives.
· Glass bottle to ensure Freshness and Quality.
· Manufactured in a TDA and FDA approved facility.
· Put it on EVERYTHING!
· HACCP Certified
· "Another One Bites the Dust!"

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